Setup Leave Accruals

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This article is used to setup leave accruals for your employees.

Categorise Employees By Leave Type

  1. Group your employees with the same entitlements as listed below
    • Hours worked per week
    • Annual Leave per year
    • Sick Leave/Personal Leave per year
    • Long Service Leave as per Agreement
  2. You will now have your employees grouped into different awards/working conditions. E.g. Full-Time on 38 hours/week, Full-Time on 40 hours/week, which now needs to be setup if the template does not suit you.

Setup Leave

In this section, you will be setting up Leave Accrual for the groups identified above. You will need to set up Leave Accrual for each group identified separately. The steps will be the same.

  1. Navigate to Setup > Awards
  2. Double click to select and open the required award on your list 

  3. Click the Leave tab on the left, then Annual to set your Annual Leave Accrual

    • Days Employed: Any days greater than 0. This means Annual Leave is calculated from Day 1 of work 
    • Calculation Method:
      • Yearly (Used in Full Time / Shearer setups ) is the period that the annual leave accruals are calculated over
      • Hourly (Used in Part-Time / Casual setups ) is the period that the annual leave accruals are calculated over
    • Accrual Rate: Number of hours of annual leave ie 4 weeks annual leave of 38 hours working week
    • To work out accrual rates view: Calculate Leave accruals in awards
    • The above image means the accrual figure is calculated by taking 365 (number of days in a year excluding the leap years), dividing by 152.0000 hours, giving a decimal figure of 0.4164.  The system calculates the accrual leave in the employees' records daily using your PC date. For example, the leave accrual for day 1 is 0.4164, day 2 is (0.416438 * 2) is 0.8328 ....... Day 365 is 152.0000

  4. Select the Accrual Conditions and choose the option of Each year, on the anniversary of the employee's commencement so that every year a record is created in the Employees' records with the accumulated accrued leave.

  5. In the Setting Entitlement tab, enter the qualifying time the employee is required to service before they can take annual leave. (Generally used for Long Service Leave)

  6. In the Setting Payments tab, tick Payments can be edited at Wages Processing
    This will allow you to make any adjustments to the annual leave payment during the payslip process.  You may want to select other options depending on your situation

  7. Once you have setup the leave accrual for the awards you will need to review the accruals for all employees and adjust them if needed. To review the Employee Leave Accrual:
    • Navigate to Setup > Awards
    • Select the employee's Award Leave tab and make note of the Award selected (Award Details), the Leave Types within, and the Calculation Method for each type.

      The most common types of leave are Annual leave, Sick leave, Long Service Leave.

      NOTE: Leave can be accrued in different ways in different awards. It is imperative that all Awards are reviewed.

    • Navigate to Reports > Staff Listing > By Awards > Print to make a note of which Award each employee is applicable to.

  8. Click close to save.

If your employees have existing accrued leave before you moved to Wagemaster, click here for instructions on how to enter it to Wagemaster.

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