Set Up a Standard Hours Award Using an Existing Award

One of the methods to calculate an employee’s award using the Standard Hours Award.  This is the most common way that hours are calculated in the agricultural industry for employees such as permanent staff, rotating shift workers, day workers, and casuals.

To set up a Standard Hours Award

  1. From the main screen of Wage Easy, click Setup > Awardsimage001.jpg
  2. The New Award Wizard will be displayed. Click Nextimage002.png
  3. The system will highlight the first award in the list will be selected by default, but this does not affect the creation of the award. Click Addimage003.png
  4. Give your award a meaningful name e.g. Farm Full-time 40hrs – No Overtime. Click Nextimage004.png
  5. At the Copy An Existing Award screen, you have the choice to copy an existing award.image005.png

    If your award is similar to an existing award, this is recommended. We do not recommend creating an award from scratch because of the complexity. If you wish to create an award from scratch, click here for the steps.

    • Copy Existing Award File: Tick this checkbox
    • Existing Award Files: Choose the award from the drop-down list similar to the one you are creating
  6. At the Confirmation screen, review the summary capturedimage006.png
    • Details Correct: Tick if all details correct, then Next
    • If details not correct, uncheck, and click Back to amend
  7. Click Finish to complete the set upimage007.png

Next Step: 

Set up Normal Times 




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