Set up Single Touch Payroll Reporting

The Single Touch Payroll Setup (STP) wizard leads you through the steps you need to complete to enable STP Reporting in WageEasy. There are several parts to the wizard:

  • Checking Company Details setup
  • Checking Allowances and Deductions setup
  • Entering STP Gateway credentials and enabling STP

As you work through the wizard, you can Save & Close at any point and return later to continue entering or changing data. The Wizard can only be finished once you have entered your credentials for the STP Gateway. Commencing mid May 2018, we will be issuing credentials. While you cannot finish the wizard until you have your credentials, you can complete other parts of the wizard and save your changes as you go.

  1. Select the STP icon in the WageEasy toolbar, to open the STP Setup wizard. image001.jpg


The STP Reporting feature is accessed from the same icon, once the wizard is completed and STP Reporting is enabled. Until that happens, when you click on the icon, the wizard is displayed.

As you complete the wizard, you can enter or update information then click Save & Close to exit and save changes. You can return to the wizard later to continue.

  1. The first page of the wizard displays some general information about STP Reporting. Click Next to continue. image002.jpg
  2. The wizard contains several pages to be reviewed. You may need to update or enter details in each tab in order to complete the wizard.
    • Company Details
    • Allowances
    • Award – Miscellaneous Loadings
    • Sundry Allowances
    • Deductions
    • Union Fees
    • STP Gateway

You can complete the pages in any order but you will be unable to Finish the wizard until you have entered your STP Gateway credentials.

Once you have finished the wizard, you won’t be able to access it again. However, if you realise later that changes are required, they can be made directly in the specific area of WageEasy.

  1. When you have completed the wizard click Finish. The following message is displayed. image003.jpg

To finish the wizard and enable STP Reporting click OK. STP Reporting is now enabled. 

Company Details

The Company Details page shows the Company Details fields that are required for STP Reporting. The information in these fields identify you as the employer (Payer) in pay event data reported to the ATO, so it is important that it is correct. image004.jpg

The fields displayed in this page come from several different areas of Company Details:

  • The ABN is recorded in File > Company Details > Company > Company Details.
  • Physical, Postal Address and Contact details recorded in File > Company Details > Company > Address.
  • The Branch Number is the ATO Branch Number recorded in File > Company Details > Taxation > Tax Configuration. 



In the Postal Address section

Use Physical Address checkbox

Tick this checkbox to copy the Physical Address details to the Postal Address fields. When you tick the checkbox, other fields in the Postal Address section are disabled. To make a change to the Postal Address, untick the checkbox first.

This checkbox is only available in the STP Setup wizard, it does not appear in the Company Details

Street Address

Street Address is mandatory. It records the detail of the Company’s postal address, e.g. Street number and name, P.O. Box, etc.


City is a mandatory field and record the Company’s postal City or suburb.


The State field is mandatory for STP reporting and contains the State of the Payroll Company's postal address.

Please ensure that the State is entered in capital letters, e.g. VIC.

The following State Codes are the only acceptable codes for addresses which are to be included in data reported to the ATO:

ACT Australian Capital Territory NSW New South Wales NT Northern Territory QLD Queensland SA South Australia VIC Victoria WA Western Australia TAS Tasmania OTH This code must be used for all overseas addresses.


Postcode is mandatory for STP reporting and contains the post code of the Payroll Company's postal address. The field can contain a maximum of four numbers.

For the purposes of reporting to the ATO, when the State is OTH the Postcode must be 9999.


Country is mandatory for STP Reporting. field and contains the country of the Payroll Company's postal address. You can only select a Country name from the pre-defined list in the field.

In the Contact Details section:

Contact Name

Contact Person is included in the Payer details sent to the ATO for STP Reporting. It is also used as the default name of the authorised person who completes the STP Reporting Declaration before data is sent to the ATO.


Email is a mandatory field and must contain an email address in a valid format, e.g. The Email address is included in Payer information transmitted for STP Reporting.


The Telephone field contains the contact number for the Contact Person / Payroll Company.

In the ATO Details section


The ABN, along with the Branch Number help the ATO identify the specific employer submitting STP Reporting data, particularly when the same ABN is used for more than one Company.

Branch Number

The Branch Number is mandatory and is the ATO-supplied number for the Payroll Company. Branch Numbers are issued by the ATO to Payers that wish to sub-divide their activities for PAYG withholding. If the company does not have a Branch number, this field is set 1 by default. If entering a different Branch Number, it must not contain any leading zeros.

Allowances (Additions)

From WageEasy version, the Allowances screen now shows selection options for Report in STP and ATO Type.

The Allowances screen shows a list of Allowances (Additions) set up in WageEasy. Here, you can specify the Allowances that should be identified separately to other payments in STP Reporting an assign an ATO Type to them.

Why is this important?

The ATO requires Allowances (Additions) which are reported separately to the employee's INB Gross amount, to be categorised according to a pre-defined list of types. These are the Additions that, prior to STP Reporting would have been itemised separately on employee INB payment summaries, e.g. Meal Allowances, Car Allowances. image005.jpg

Some Deductions also need to be configured for STP Reporting. These are handled via the Deductions page of the wizard.

What you need to do:

  • Review each Allowance and tick the Report in STP checkbox for each one that should be identified separately. If you are unsure about whether or not an Allowance should be reported in STP or the ATO Type, check with your accountant or the ATO
  • In the ATO Type field, select the applicable type from the dropdown list. You can choose from one of the following options:






Workplace Giving






Changes to the Allowance are saved when you either Save & Close or Finish the wizard. If you tick Report in STP and specify an ATO Type, your selections are reflected in the ATO Payment Summary tab of the Allowance.


Award - Miscellaneous Loadings

Miscellaneous Loadings attached to Awards may be treated as separately identified Allowances for STP Reporting purposes, e.g. an Award Overtime Meal Allowance that is over the reasonable allowance amount specified in the Award. If there any Miscellaneous Loadings set up, they are listed on this page of the wizard.


If this page is blank, it means that there are no Miscellaneous Loadings set up and you can move on with your life. Or at least to the next page of the wizard.

What you need to do

Like Allowances, you need to:

  • Review each Miscellaneous Loading and tick the Report in STP checkbox for each one that should be identified separately.
  • In the ATO Type field, select the applicable type from the dropdown list.

When you tick Report in STP and assign an ATO Type and then Save & Close or Finish the wizard, the corresponding fields are updated in Miscellaneous Loading Details, in Setup > Awards > (Select an Award) > Loadings > Miscellaneous. 


The Sundries page of the wizard is only displayed if any Sundry allowances exist in WageEasy. Sundry allowances are not used that often, so the chances are you will not be required to complete this area.


What you need to do

If the Sundry Allowance must be included in STP Reporting but shown separately to other amounts, make sure that Report in STP is selected and the appropriate ATO Type is assigned. 


Any Allowances (Deductions) configured in WageEasy are shown on this page of the wizard. Any Workplace Giving Deductions must be configured for STP Reporting.

Why is this important?

The ATO requires Workplace Giving amounts to be identified separately in payroll data reported via STP Reporting. If you are unsure about whether or not a Deduction should be reported in STP or the ATO Type, check with your accountant or the ATO.


What you need to do

If a Deduction is set up as a Workplace Giving Payment before you upgrade to WageEasy, on upgrade it will automatically be flagged for STP Reporting. In the Deduction page, the Report in STP checkbox will be ticked and the ATO Type will be set to Workplace Giving.

The same options should be applied for any other listed Deductions that should also be treated as Workplace Giving deductions. 

Union Fees

On upgrade, any Union Fees that are set up in WageEasy will automatically have the Report in STP checkbox ticked and an ATO Type of Fees will be assigned.

The information on this page is read-only. If you need to make changes to Union Fees setup, go to Setup > Unions.



The Gateway tab records your STP Gateway credentials, that is, your user name (Client ID) and password. It also includes an option to test the connection to the Gateway once your credentials are entered.

Why is this important?

The STP Gateway is the mechanism that enables WageEasy to send STP reporting data to and receive messages from the ATO. image011.jpg

We will be contacting customers starting in April 2018 with their credentials. As you probably already know your Client ID, you can enter it at any time and Save & Close the wizard.

What you need to do

  • Enter your STP Gateway credentials, when you receive them
  • Once the credentials are entered, and you have completed the rest of the wizard, you can click Finish to complete the wizard. If you are not quite ready to Finish, you can Save & Close for now, then Finish later

Remember that:

  • Clicking Finish disables the STP Setup wizard and enables STP Reporting, i.e. the next time you click STP in the toolbar, STP Reporting will be displayed, not the STP Setup wizard.
  • Even if you are not ready to start using STP Reporting straight away, you can set it up now but continue with your current payroll processing until 1 July 2018.
  • If you do start using STP Reporting before the end of the financial year, there are some things you will have to do differently for end of financial year, and we will be providing more information closer to year-end.

After you have entered both Client ID and Password, you can use Test Connection to make sure that WageEasy can establish a connection to the STP Gateway.

Even if you choose not to manually test the connection before completing the wizard, it will happen automatically when you click the Finish button.

When a successful connection is established, the following message is displayed:



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