Setup Single Touch Payroll Reporting

The Single Touch Payroll Setup (STP) wizard leads you through the steps to enable STP Reporting.

Please Note:

  • Do not finish the STP setup until you are ready to turn on STP.
  • You can start the STP setup and save & close your changes as you go, however you do require your STP credentials to finish the setup.
  • Your STP credentials will be sent to you via secure email from a third party as it is a direct link to the ATO. You should receive your credentials 10 days after receiving your Wagemaster Client Number.
    Please check your Inbox and Junk/Spam email folder or contact our support team if you do not have them.

Setup STP

  1. Select the STP icon to open the STP Setup wizard.
    If your STP icon is greyed out read this help article.


  2. The wizard contains several pages to be reviewed.
    Reminder: You can Save and Close at any time.


  3. Review each page in order to complete the wizard which includes:

    1. Company Details
    2. Allowances
    3. Award – Miscellaneous Loadings
      (If this page is blank, it means you have no Miscellaneous Loadings setup and can click next).
    4. Sundry Allowances
      (If this page is blank, it means you have no Sundry Allowances setup and can click next).
    5. Deduction
    6. Union Fees

  4. If you require assistance filling out the above pages, read the article: STP Gateway Wizard.

  5. The final tab is your STP Gateway tab which requires your STP Gateway credentials.
    Do not record your credentials until you are ready to turn on STP.


  6. Once both Client ID and Password are entered the Test Connection can be done to ensure Wagemaster can establish a connection to the STP Gateway.

  7. When a successful connection is established, you will receive a Successful Connection popup.

  8. When you have completed the wizard click Finish.
    The following message will be displayed.


  9. To finish the wizard and enable STP Reporting click OK. 
    STP Reporting is now enabled.

Please Note:
Once you have finished the wizard, you won’t be able to access it again. However, if you realise later that changes are required for specific tabs, they can be made directly in the specific area of Wagemaster i.e. Company Details, Allowances, Deductions etc.

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