What's new in Wagemaster V6.0.07814

The following changes and updates are contained in this release:

Changes specific to Australian databases

Single Touch Payroll (STP) Reporting: In readiness for the ATO’s STP reporting, which becomes mandatory from 1 July 2018 for all employers with 20 or more employees, WageEasy includes an STP Setup Wizard which allows you to configure your payroll database for this. The Single Touch Payroll (STP) Setup wizard leads you through the steps you need to enable STP Reporting in WageEasy. 

We want you to get up and running as soon as possible, but there are some things that need to happen first.

  • Before anyone can start using STP Reporting in WageEasy, the solution must be certified as STP-ready by the ATO.
  • Once certification is granted, we will start contacting customers with user credentials that are required for STP set up. These credentials allow WageEasy to connect to the Sage STP Gateway, which is the mechanism we use to send data to, and receive messages from the ATO.

    To manage this process effectively, we will commence issuing credentials to customers from April. We will soon be providing further information about when to expect your credentials, setting up and using STP Reporting.

Changes & Enhancements to all country databases

  1. End of financial year process option when pays are paid in advance pf pay period: New feature added allowing for a change to the Financial Year Period, End Date. This new feature will enable users to set their financial year period end date past 30 June which then allows pays with a July PPE date to be included in the current financial years reporting.
  2. Allowance setup functionality improvements: Allowance payments can be restricted to be paid when work is performed in a particular job or department.  As new jobs and/or departments are added, the allowance can continue to be updated and linked to multiple existing and new departments and jobs within the employees file as required.
  3. Employee importer change - pro-rata leave importing: Employee Importer now allows for the import of pro-rata and entitled leave.
  4. Superannuation guarantee - gross threshold inclusion changes: Inclusion in superannuation threshold (currently $450 per month) of all salary and wages regardless of ordinary time earnings (OTE) status.  Further information on salary and wages and OTE payments on ATO website.
  5. Empdupe file validation: When an employee terminates because of invalidity, additional validation of the empdupe file is completed ensuring the data for the terminating and subsequent employees is correct.
  6. Database speed improvementsDatabase speed improvements made to accessing Wages and Employee screens.  Multiple Award updates may have caused databases to run slowly, this upgrade should provide some improvement.
  7. Leave Entitlement by Employee & Date report export format option: The Employee Leave Entitlement by Date report can be exported to Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.
    Report reference – Reports > Pay Period Reporting > Leave Entitlement by Employee and Date
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