Agrimaster Prompts to Reactivate When Already Activated

If your subscription is up-to-date and each time you open Agrimaster it requires you to reactivate, it could be due to two potential reasons: 

  • The sequence in which Agrimaster was reactivated and updated was incorrect 
  • Your user account does not have sufficient privileges 

To stop these reactivation prompts, follow these instructions: 

  1. Close Agrimaster 
  2. Run Agrimaster as an administrator from the program folder

    1. Close Agrimaster
    2. Navigate to the Agrimaster program folder. E.g.
      • C:\Program Files(x86)\Agrimaster or
      • C:\Program Files\Agrimaster 
    3. Right-click the program icon (the AGW.exe file), then select Run as administrator
    4. If you see a User Account Control prompt, accept it.
    5. Go through the reactivation prompts 
    6. Open your file and confirm you can access Reconciliation & Edit Transactions 
    7. Close Agrimaster without updating 
    8. Reopen Agrimaster as normal. You should no longer see the expiry/reactivate window
    9. Close Agrimaster and if need be, update the software (you may need to restart your computer)
    10. Again, open your file and confirm you can access Reconciliation & Edit Transactions. 

This should fix the repeated reminder to reactivate Agrimaster. If not, please contact the Agrimaster Customer Service Team. 

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