Enter Data into Your Quick Budget

There are three methods to enter Quick Budget data:

  1. Direct entry of data month-by-month per each code
  2. Worksheets (that provide multiple entries per month against the same code)
  3. Import Cashbook data from a previous year

Direct Entry of Data

You can enter data directly by typing it in manually or you can use the Enter Year Total Function

Manually Enter Values

This function is used if you know exactly how much you spend or earn for a code in a month.

  1. On the main Quick Budget screen, click the cell in the budget (code/month) where you want to enter the data 

  2. Type your budget figure for that code in that month using your keyboard

    Example: if you want to budget for an income of $50,000 for Canola in January 2017, you would select the Canola row, in the January column and type 50000 as shown below. 

  3. Click  or press F10.

Use the Enter Year Total Function

This function is used if you have an idea of how much you expect to spend or earn in total for the year for a code and want to evenly spread the amount across each month of the budget year.

This is illustrated below with an example of Blue Gum income.

  1. In the Main Quick Budget window, select any monthly cell for the required code
  2. Click the Enter Year Total button 
  3. The Totals Cell for the selected code will be highlighted. Enter the annual total for that code 

  4. Press the Enter key on your keyboard. The total will be divided by 12 across the year 


Sometimes a budgeted figure is based on different aspects or rates. To enter values based on a formula or multiple variables, you can create a worksheet calculation.

  1. At the main Quick Budget window, select the required monthly cell 

  2. You can now enter the data required in the worksheet at the bottom of the screen by:
    • Adding a Comment (or distinguishing feature) in the comment box
    • Pressing the Enter key to move to the next cell
    • Entering the required number, rate or quantity unit and $/unit in each cell. There are inbuilt formulae and you will see that quantity is calculated automatically if number & rate are entered. Total is calculated automatically as long as quantity and $/unit are entered
    • Click the green tick  or press F10 to save.

    Example: Wool Sales - This calculation is split into sheep types (rams and ewes) so that different cutting rates can be entered and total revenue for each type is accurately calculated. Once data has been entered using a worksheet, the worksheet data can be copied to another month

Copy worksheets

  1. Select the required monthly cell
  2. Move to the worksheet at the bottom of the screen
    • If this month requires the same value as the previous month, click Copy Previous Month 

    • If the required month is elsewhere, choose Select Month to Copy
  3. Select the Month with the data you want to copy 

  4. Once you have selected the originating month the data will appear in the new month.

Import Cashbook data from previous year

You could use this function if you are creating a Quick Budget for the first time and would like to use last year’s figures as the basis for this year’s budget. This is done using the import cashbook feature.

Note: If you use this feature with an existing budget, it will overwrite any pre-existing values in the budget.

  1. Click the Import from Cashbook button 

  1. The following dialogue box will be displayed. Tick the box in the Shift Forward section 

  2. Select the dates you require in First month to import & Last Month to import
  3. Chose the required bank account(s)
  4. Click the green tick
  5. You will be asked if you wish to erase data. Click Yes 

  6. Your new budget will appear like this with the grey shaded area ‘locked’. You can unlock the budget by removing the CB Lock tick at the top right-hand corner of the screen 

  7. You can now enter data & edit the figures from last year.

Use the Adjust by Percentage Button

Once you have imported data from a past year, you might find it useful to be able to change income or expenses by a percentage - either increase or decrease.

  1. At the Budget window, click the Adjust by Percentage button 
  2. The Adjust by Percentage window will display

    • Adjustment: Select either Increase or Decrease
    • Enter a percentage
    • (You can also Add GST or Remove GST from your amounts)
    • Select Code(s): Select the codes you wish to change or click Select All to change all codes
    • Select Month(s): Select the months you wish to change or click Select All to change all months
    • Click the green tick to make the adjustments to the budget
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