Amalgamate Quick Budgets

You can combine two or more budgets into a single budget and create a new budget that combines the information in source budgets.

When you amalgamate budgets, the default option will combine the whole of the budget into one budget. It is important to note that if the budgets are for different years then using amalgamate will create a multiple year budget combining the data and dates for all these budgets into one continues budget covering the whole of the period 

Here are some examples of how this might be used:

  • You may need to amalgamate two farm year budgets to produce a financial year budget for your accountant or your bank, or
  • You may need to create separate budgets for separate farms enterprises and then want to amalgamate them.
  • You have a budget for 2015 and 2016 and need to combine them to make a 2 year budget

To do this task, all budgets to be amalgamated must first be saved as a "current budget".

Save a budget as a Current Budget

  1. Open the first Quick Budget to be amalgamated
  2. You will be in the First Quick Budget window. Click Current Budget 

  3. In the Current Budgets window, click Save Current Budget 

  4. Click  to close the budget window 

Amalgamate the Budgets

  1. From the Home page, click Budget 
  2. Click Quick Budgets 
  3. Click Amalgamate Budgets 
  4. You are now in the Amalgamate Budgets window. A list of saved current budgets will be displayed 

  5. Click each of the budgets to be amalgamated. (There is no limit to the number of budgets that can be included)
  6. Enter a name for the amalgamated budget 

  7. Click the green tick  to create the amalgamated budget. The new amalgamated cash flow will be loaded ready for editing or other operations.

Select Shorter Period 

There is an additional option that can be used when amalgamating a quick budget – the create a shorter period option. 

The main use for this option is when you have a budget for two separate calendar years or separate production years and need to create a financial year budget in order to provide information to your bank or accountant for planning or tax estimation purposes. 

E.g. you have a production year budget from Feb 2016 – Jan 2017 and one for the following year Feb 17- Jan 18, you accountant asks for a financial year budget from July 2016 to June 2017. 

To create an amalgamated cash flow for less than the full length of all the budgets selected:

  1. Click the Select Shorter Period button 
  2. Click and drag to highlight the period required. The first month selected will be the first month of the new budget and only those cash flows for the selected period will be included. If the period selected is for more than one year, a budget of the appropriate number of years will be created.

 To create a shorter period:

  1. Follow Steps 1 - 4 from the Amalgamate the Budgets above
  2. Click on Select Shorter Period 

  3. Click on the first month you need and then drag down to the last month 

  4. Click the green tick to create the amalgamated budget. The new amalgamated cash flow will be loaded ready for editing or other operations.

Note: The Select Bank Account option does not work for quick budgets since all accounts are treated as one account

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