Pay creditors with EFT

You can use the EFT (Electronic Funds Transferred) section in Agrimaster to manage the bills payable to your creditors, report how much you owe and when your bills are due. You will need to enter the Accounts Payable into the EFT section first. 

Once you have entered the transactions into EFT, you can pay your Creditors. This method allows you to make full or part payments. 

To Make Full or Part Payments 

  1. From the Cashbook menu, click EFT Acc/Pay Cheques
  2. Tick the box Show part creditor payments
  3. Click on the EFT button 
  4. Select the item(s) you wish to pay by placing a tick in the Include Alternatively, tick the Include box to deselect the item 
  5. To make a full payment
    • Click on Pay EFTS..
    • Continue to Step 6
    • To watch a video on processing full EFT payment, read here 

    To make a part payment

    • Select the item(s) you wish to pay by placing a tick is in the Include Box
    • In the Part Payment Options dropdown field, select 

      Adjust selection by %: Type the percentage (whole numbers only)

      Pay a set amount: Type the amount you want to pay, then click Adjust

    • Click Pay EFTS..
    • Continue to Step 6
  6. The Export to [Bank name] window will appear 

    • Ensure the Pay From Account is correct
    • Ensure Batch Process Date is correct
    • To select all payments to be included in the batch, click and drag all with your mouse or use the Ctrl key and the mouse to select non-consecutive payments
    • Ensure the Number of Payments and Total of Payments are correct
    • Click the green tick or press F10 to export the direct payments to your bank
  7. If a previous payments file exists you will be asked to confirm erasing it before writing the new file. Click Yes. If you don’t see this windows go to Step 8 

  8. A final confirmation will be requested then the payment file will be written to your hard disk and the payments moved to the ‘transactions’ section of the cashbook 

    Select Yes to delete the existing file before exporting selected transactions 

  9. If no previous file exists you will see this message box,click Yes 

  10. A message will now display to indicate how many transactions and what the total of the batch is be exported 

    If this is correct select Yes

  11. You will now be on the Export to [Bank name] screen. Click the black cross
  12. You will now be returned to the EFT export screen. Full Payments will no longer be listed here. They have been moved to the Transactions screen in the cashbook ready for reconciliation. Part payments will show the remaining amount owing in EFT and the paid portion will appear in the Transactions screen in the cashbook.

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