Pay Creditors With Cheques

Provided you have entered your creditors’ details into the EFT Acc/Pay Cheques section of Agrimaster, you can process full or part-payments made by cheques.

  1. Click on Cashbook.
  2. Click EFT Acc/Pay Cheques.
  3. At the Electronic Funds Transfer, Accounts Payable, Cheques window, tick the Show Part Creditor Payments checkbox.
  4. Click the Print or Pay cheque button.
  5. At the Full or Part Payment Selection window, select the item(s) you wish to pay by ticking the boxes under the Include field.
  6. To make a full payment, click on Pay Cheques & continue to step 7.
  7. To make a part payment: 
    • In the Part Payment Options box, click the dropdown arrow.
    • Select Pay a set amount: type the amount you want to pay and then click Adjust, or
    • Select Adjust selection by %: type the percentage (whole numbers only) you would like to adjust by.
  8. Select the cheques you wish to send.
  9. Ensure your cheque format has been filled out.
  10. Ensure that the next cheque number matches the cheque number of the first page you wish to print.
  11. Ensure that the bank account you wish to pay from is showing in the bank account list box.
  12. Check that you have inserted sufficient pages to print all cheques (although you can print more than one cheque at a time, you should test your printer to see how well it handles printing many cheques at once).
  13. Select print without preview.
  14. Click the green tick, then the black cross.
  15. You will now be returned to the Cheque Export window.
  16. Full payments will no longer be listed here. They have been moved to the Transaction screen ready for reconciliation.
  17. Part payments will show the remaining amount owing in the Cheques Export screen and the paid portion appears in Transactions.    

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