Whats New In Agrimaster 6.3.16


The highlights of the changes are:

Reconciliation Balances– a new tool to help you with issues with reconciliation: data errors, repair past, data corruption etc.

Where to find this new feature:

In Cashbook, View Balances, Reconciliation Balances - select the Month and the Bank Account and a list of reconciled items will show for the selected month, as well as everything that was outstanding. You are now able to use this list to check this list against the statement for the month and view any discrepancies.


Changes and Improvements to existing features:

  • The Backup & Restore pages have been modernised for Backup’s (New Help notes are available – login in to view the Help notes).
  • A GST column has been added to the Cash Trial balance, this is available when using the ‘Totals’ option.
  • You can no longer part pay invoices with a combination of Positive and Negative split lines; you can correctly fully pay the invoice now.
  • You can now create a letterhead image and apply it to your Enhanced Invoicing.
  • Clearer instructions are now available for adding transactions from reconciliation.
  • Exporting Budget to Excel has been modified to provide a clean and tidy worksheet in Excel.
  • Tip of the day has been removed as most of the information was out dated.
  • Enhanced Invoicing now has a PDF option for RCTI’s.
  • Profit & Loss Reports can now use Accountants codes.
  • EFT batch numbers are now shown in the Monthly Report
  • Added an option to set the date for assets in the Asset Register.

Issues Fixed

  • Assets Reports have been fixed to no longer show sold items if the item was sold prior to the date of the report.
  • Enhanced Invoicing items will always appear in alphabetical order regardless of what order they were created.
  • All Help buttons will now take you the Support Postal.
  • The Creditor Debtor summary has been updated to correctly show dates.
  • The Profit & Loss Enterprise Report has been modified to correctly show what has been selected.
  • Statements in Internet Banking are now correctly aligned.
  • Year in Year Out Budgets - Remove % GST button is now working as intended.
  • Disabling Auto-update no longer disables the m:drive feature.
  • The Find Transfers Report has been amended to total correctly.
  • RCTI’s with line or totals longer that 11 digits now display correctly.
  • Statements of Position formatting issues with PDF feature have been fixed.  
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