What's New In Agrimaster 6.3.25

The highlights of the changes are:

New Features

Converting a Transaction into a Cash Transfer
Transactions can now be converted into a Cash Transfer. To do this you need to go into ‘Cashbook’, ‘Transactions’ then click on the new Convert icon.
A Help Note is available on how to use this.


The Fuel Tax Rates have been updated as per ATO website from the 31 July 2014.
These may change again shortly as the Carbon Tax has been repealed.

Bug Fixes


  • Select Worksheets print option – these have been fixed to allow printing.  
  • Statement of Position error – the error that occurred if certain special characters were used in the Statement of Position Worksheet text has been fixed.
  • Full Budget Worksheet Reports – these can now be converted to a PDF and emailed.
  • Rabo Bank Statements – the issue with cheques not being picked up correctly has been resolved.
  • Capital Acquisitions not showing in BAS if part of a split transaction – an amount over $100 coded as capital was not displayed in the correct section in BAS when it was part of a multi-split entry - this has now been corrected.
  • Commonwealth Bank Credit Cards – are now able to be imported as statements into reconciliation.
  • Reconciliation – the scroll button issue on the reconciliation page has been corrected.
  • Bankwest Credit Cards - statements can now be imported correctly.
Enhanced Invoicing
  • Long descriptions when using F6 – the issue with short and long descriptions not working correctly has been resolved.
  • The words ‘Supplied to’ were not always displayed - this is now fixed and it will always appear on invoices regardless of user settings.
  • Credit Notes – an error that occurred when using payment codes in credit notes has now been resolved.


  • Project/Farm Codes in Stacked Reports – these choices are now correctly retained when chosen in a save report format.
  • Quick Stock Reconciliation – Version 6 report amended and may be converted to a PDF and emailed.
  • Data Export to HandiLeger – the issue with the credit and debit lines not having a description when exported has been resolved.
  • Enhanced Invoicing - quotes appearing on reports – Quotes will no longer be shown in stacked reports.
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