What's New In Agrimaster 6.3.31

The last release for the year; a number of issues have been fixed.

The highlights of the changes are: 

New Features

Import Recipient Created Tax Invoice (RCTI) for Plum Grove and Emerald Grain

Users who sell their grain through Emerald Grain or Plum Grove will now have the ability to import RCTIs from the Plum Grove and Emerald Grain websites and import these into their Agrimaster software.

This will save customers a lot of time by avoiding manual entry of otherwise complex grain selling RCTIs .


The Internet Banking section of Agrimaster has undergone a major overhaul. Users can now create and transmit EFTs from up to 3 different banks without having to change the setup for each file upload each time a different bank is required.

NOTE: Users who only use one bank account for EFTs will still need to make an initial selection for their bank prior to sending their first EFT.

Bug Fixes



M:Drive now allows file names with commas to be correctly shared with accountants and consultants.


The Basic Enterprise Report has been updated so it is the same style as all of the other reports in Agrimaster.

Asset Register now allows users who turn off the Depreciation Option to enter a current value and this value correctly reports in the Asset Register Report.

Balance Sheets – it is now possible to create non-cash bank accounts for accounting purposes such as the recording of accrued annual leave liabilities. These can be correctly reported in the balance sheet and turned on or off as required in the reporting.

Profit & Loss (P & L) – Items from bank accounts that were closed during the reporting period will now appear on a P & L report.


Wage Easy/Wagemaster

Importing of allowances that had been mapped to negative receipt codes was causing issues in budget to actuals comparison reports this has been resolved.

Editing of transactions (on Accruals files) in regards to child support payments in Agrimaster no longer produces an error regarding the Tax invoice dates.

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