What's New In Agrimaster 6.3.38

New layout and buttons

After you update to Agrimaster Version 6.3.37 you will notice some new buttons and some of the buttons have moved. Learn more about the changes to the layout and new buttons in this Help Note.

Fuel Tax Credit RebatePlease update before submitting your March BAS

The Fuel Tax Credit Rate changed for all fuel purchased from 10 November 2014. The ATO has reintroduced Fuel Excise Indexation. Indexation adjustments to the Fuel Tax Credit Rate now occurs every February and August (from February 2015).

  • The Agrimaster program has been updated to again automatically calculate the fuel tax rebate. This is a significant change within the Agrimaster program to allow for the new rates. In this new version, the program can calculate the rate change and new rates will be added as they are updated by the ATO. The Agrimaster program also allows for manual Fuel Tax rate changes if required - see Fuel Tax Update Help Note.

Superannuation - SuperStream

  • From 1 July 2014, all employers with more than 20 employees are required to start paying superannuation into a clearing house rather than into their employee’s individual super funds
  • From 1 July 2015, all employers with less than 20 employees can start to use a superannuation clearing house – this will be compulsory for employers with less than 20 employees from July 2016
  • Please note: Employers with seasonal staff should be mindful that the 20 employees requirement is based on the number of staff employed as at 1 Jul 2014 - see SuperStream Overview Help Note
  • To facilitate this change the Agrimaster program has the added functionality to export super payments for employees to a superannuation clearing house - see Amalgamate Payments for SuperStream Help Note
  • More information is available on the ATO website:  SuperStream on the ATO website.

Receipt Bank 

  • We have added a link to a new product to the Agrimaster software. Receipt Bank has been evaluated by our accounts department and found to be very useful to manage invoices and receipts. We feel all our clients would benefit from using Receipt Bank - Receipt Bank Help Note
  • This allows for the importation of .csv files (which contain your scanned receipts and invoices) created by Receipt Bank - see Help Note or learn more about Receipt Bank:

Internet Banking changes

  • Now you can import Citibank Visa data files
  • Westpac has made changes to the personal banking website and we have updated the import function to align with the new Westpac Online CSV format. 

Reporting changes 

  • To improve the details provided by GST Corrections in your Tax reports, we now display the transactions and splits that have been corrected with their 'G' number for the BAS. This makes it easier to track down transactions that have been altered and understand why they were altered
  • We have added the quantities to codes (when used) to the Cash Trial Balance report – this was a request by Accountants
  • Cash Trial Balance - the file name is now displayed on every page (top left-hand side)
  • Cashbook imports
  • The RCTI agents are now alphabetically sorted in the set-up screens. This helps to locate the company you want to import data into Agrimaster. 


  • The Auto-Update feature has been moved from the start of the program to when you exit.


  • We have increased the field size of ‘Invoice number’ - requested by customers using accrual files and needing to record longer invoice numbers. 

Wagemaster/Wage Easy data import into Agrimaster

  • When importing data from Wagemaster or Wage Easy Payroll, it’s now possible to allocate an employee’s wages data to a ‘Farm Code’ on the import screen. This is an extra coding level above Enterprise level. Wagemaster and Wage Easy users can accurately generate profit and loss reports in Agrimaster without having to re-code all their wages entries after import. 

Bugs Fixes:

Wage Easy & Wagemaster 

  • Files with no farm codes can now be imported correctly.


  • Customers with Standard and Pro m:drive accounts can now consecutively restore multiple files. The system was 'locking up' after restoring 2 or 3 files
  • Fix for Accountants and Consultants: you can now delete files that have been shared with you when you no longer need access to them. 

Internet Banking

  • Some users reported an error when using F6 to copy previous transactions in EFT (on an accruals file) when forward dating entries has been fixed
  • The problem with NAB Trade statements not correctly importing the end of month balances has been fixed
  • Online Banking Default Code Allocation screen now has a limitation on the text you can enter - an error previously occurred when trying to save long descriptions.


  • Screen preview for the Statement of Position – an error occurred when using subtotals in Assets and Liabilities worksheets - this has been fixed
  • Cash Trial Balance Report – an error occurred when expanding data, the data sent you back to the first page
  • Cash Flow Forecast - when opening the statement, balance was not showing the correct figures for some users 
  • Stacked Report - on accrual files using invoice dates or cashbook dates, a mix of invoice and cash book dates were being shown in the report
  • When selecting a report by Invoice Date, the report will show all invoices and display the invoice date
  • When selecting a report by Cashbook Date the report will show all invoices and display the cashbook date 
  • Exporting Budget Comparison Report - generated an error when users tried to use Excel if the computer did not have Excel installed 
  • Importing cashbook data into a multiple year budget and then changing the budget to be a single year budget.

Full Budgets

  • Negative amounts in worksheet distributions – an error occurred and has now been fixed 
  • Amended a 'typo' in the Assets and Liabilities worksheets for Chattel Mortgages
  • HP worksheet in the Assets & Liabilities workbook – closing balance is now automatically calculated 
  • Fixed a bug where Sub-totals in Paddock-based cropping worksheets
  • Month Distribution (F5) order ‘any 1,2,3 or 4 months’ is now automatic.

Basic Invoicing 

  •  Printing of basic invoices - the font is now Arial. 


  •  Fixed the scroll behavior in transaction entry when using arrow keys to get to codes. 

Backup & Restore

  • The conflict between the auto-backup and auto-update when exiting Agrimaster has been fixed.
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