Create a blank Quick Budget

There are several steps to creating a Quick Budget.

This article covers the first stage in the process, which is to create a ‘blank’ Quick Budget before you can enter any data.

Note: You can create as many Quick Budgets as you need.

To create a blank Quick Budget:

  1. At the Home Page, click Budget 
  2. Click Quick Budget 
  3. Click New Quick Budget 
  4. Enter a Title for your budget e.g. Quick Budget Mar 16 to Feb 17
  5. Select the First Month of your budget e.g. March 2016
  6. Select the Period of your new budget e.g. 1 Year, 2 Years (up to 5 Years)
  7. In the BAS Options, select Options 1 & 2 (recommended) 

    Important: if your budget starts in either January or February

    Because the Tax Department extends the due date for you to submit your December BAS, you can elect to move your GST Refund or Remittance and Instalment tax into February on your budget.

    If your budget starts in either January or February, tick the three boxes as shown  below: 

  8. Click the green tick. A blank budget spreadsheet will be displayed 

You are now ready to enter data into your Quick Budget.


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