Whats New In Agrimaster 6.3.11

Updates for internet banking

Commonwealth Bank – fix for cheque handling changes made by CBA NetBank

ANZ – Changes for exporting ABA files to ANZ transactive

National Australia Bank – New format for NAB Trade

Bankwest – changes to fix problems in credit card imports

Enhanced Invoicing

Fix for dealing with negative payments

Fix for reporting on more than one format

Full Budgets

Fix for worksheet tiles causing an error when typing in dates in a certain way

Added a PDF button to Statements of Position

Increased the decimal places allowed in super worksheet to allow for 9.25% supper contribution calculations

Fixed a bug that occurs sometimes when deleting worksheets


Fixed stacked report so that it will pick up items without an allocation

Altered the way that project codes report to improve constancy and grouping


Fixed “Get Support” button so it goes to the new support website

Added a check to prevent duplicate EFT and Cheque batch numbers from occurring

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