Uninstall Agrimaster

You may need to remove the Agrimaster program from your PC e.g. if the PC has become unstable, infected by virus/hacker or simply outdated and in need of a replacement.

If the PC is still accessible and functioning you can uninstall Agrimaster before disposing of the machine.

Note: Prior to uninstalling Agrimaster, please make sure that you have secured a backup of all of your Agrimaster files.

In the case of replacing the PC, it is best to deactivate the program prior to uninstalling it. This will free up the activation for reuse on your new PC.

To uninstall Agrimaster:

  1. On your PC and with Agrimaster closed, open Control Panel and select Programs/Uninstall a Program
  2. Select Agrimaster on the list of installed programs. Make sure you start with the oldest installed version number
  3. Click Uninstall/Change
  4. Select Automatic Uninstall Method and click Next
  5. Then click Finish
  6. Wait a few moments and the Agrimaster installer will start

    Note: If you are prompted about Shared Files or Common Files, please click No to All

  7. Once the installer task is complete, click Finish

Important: Refer to the Microsoft/Windows website for information or troubleshooting on installing and uninstalling programs.

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