Import Wagemaster Superannuation Contributions into Agrimaster

These instructions apply to both Wage Easy and Wagemaster users.

You import the Superannuation Contributions file into Agrimaster to process payments to your Superannuation Clearing House. Read more  

Once you have created the relevant Wage Easy payslips you then also import the file into Agrimaster to effect payment to employees.

These files may be imported separately or at the same time but it would be rare that they would be done simultaneously. The most likely scenario is that the payslips will be imported at the end of each pay period and the superannuation once every quarter.

Because Agrimaster treats these payments differently, the procedures are outlined separately. Read more  

Import a Superannuation Clearing House File

  1. Create the payslip(s) in Wage Easy 
  2. At the Agrimaster Home Page, click Cash Book 
  3. Click Transactions  or EFT Acc/Pay Cheques 
  4. Click Import Payroll 
  5. The Import from Wagemaster Payroll screen will appear


    • Click the checkbox Import Superannuation
    • The Import Dates will need to be set when you import transactions for the first time. Set the dates of the first and the last transaction to be imported. Thereafter, the first date should by default move, so that the dates for the subsequent period are shown
    • Select where you would like the transactions to be imported - either Transactions or Cheques/EFT
    • Click Import and Create Transactions
  6. A list of superannuation payment transactions to be imported will be displayed. Click OK 
  7. You will be taken to the Transaction list screen or EFT Acc/Pay Cheques list screen, depending on where you instructed the superannuation transactions to be sent in your Agrimaster cashbook

Click here for how to process Superannuation Clearing House EFT Transaction 







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