Budget Comparison Report

The budget comparison report in Agrimaster allows you to compare a forecasted budget that you have created and compare these figures to the actuals (cashbook data - current and closed months) and analyse if your current cash flow is above or below where you expected to be at that point in time, in your budgeting period. This will enable you to see potential problems or opportunities before they arise and address them accordingly.  

To compare the actuals in the cashbook to the figures in the chosen forecasted budget, you will first need to save the budget as current.

  1. From the Home Page, click Budget 
  2. Choose Full Budget or Quick Budget 
  3. Open your Full Budget or Quick Budget
  4. Choose a Budget from the list by clicking on it, the screen is similar in Full and Quick budgets: 

    If you are using a Quick Budget you will see this screen 

    If you are using a Full Budget you will see this screen 

  5. The Budget window opens. Click Current Budget

    Full Budget Window


    Quick Budget Window 

  6. You will now see the Current Budgets window. From the First Month drop-down list, choose the first month of the Budget that you wish to do comparison with (this should be the same as the first month of the budget unless the budget is for more than one year) 
  7. Type in the name you want to give your budget if you want something different to the default name Agrimaster gives it 
  8. Click the Save Current Budget button
  9. To close the current budget window, click the or press the Escape (Esc) key to close the screen. Click the black X again to exit from the main budget window
  10. Saving your budget as current will only need to be performed again if you make any changes to the selected budget 

    Please note: If you have a multiple year budget, you must save each year as a separate current budget.

Viewing the Budget Comparison Report 

  1. At the Home Page, click Cash Book 
  2. Click Report 
  3. Click Budget Comparison Reports 
  4. The Budget Comparison Report will be displayed 
    • Select the saved current budget to use in this report: Select the budget you wish to use to compare your actuals with (cashbook data)
    • At the to month selection field: select the month you wish to compare
    • The from field should be left as is (it will default to the beginning of the compared budget)
    • Which Bank Accounts: Select Same banks as in selected budget (strongly recommend). The report will vary based on the options selected
    • Basis: Select Cashbook
    • Report Type: we suggest you try Full (alternative) first and then Short (with notes)
    • Click the green tick to view and print the report
  5. You can print this report as:
    • a PDF file, which can be emailed 
    • a paper report 
    • a CSV file that will export to Microsoft Excel  

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