Restore a Wagemaster / Wage Easy File From Email

There are generally two situations where you would need to restore a Wage Easy/Wagemaster file from an email. These are as follows:

  • You need to restore the setup file emailed back to you from our Customer Service Team, or
  • You need to restore a file that has been reviewed and updated by our Customer Service Team or your accountant 

The following instructions explain how to restore your Wage Easy file from an email 

  1. Open your Email Program
  2. Open the message with your Wage Easy file attached
  3. Right click the Attachment
  4. Select Save or Save as
  5. Save the attachment to your desktop
  6. Open Wage Easy Payroll
  7. Go to File > Backup/Restore 

  8. Select Restore by clicking the menu box at the bottom left-hand corner of the window 
  9. Select Restore by clicking the Restore icon Restore_button.png
  10. Click the three dots (on the right-hand side) to get a list of places from which you wish to restore. Nominate if you are restoring from zip / USB or somewhere on your hard drive. You can change your path here by using the “LOOK IN” box across the top of the window (or by using the icons down the left-hand side) 3_dots.png
  11. In the Select Wage Easy Backup to Restore window, find the location where you saved your backup (in this example, it is on the desktop)
  12. Double-click your Wagemaster backup file (filename.web) or select the file then click Open 
  13. Ensure that the correct file and directory has been selected, then click Start 
  14. If this Wagemaster file already exists on this drive, you will see the following message 
    • Click OK to overwrite the file (to restore the data file from the email). The restore process will continue. Wait until the blue bar fills the box. Continue to Step 15
    • Click Cancel to keep the existing data on your hard drive. The Information window will display. Click OK to end the restore process
  15. You will now see the confirmation All file(s) successful restored. Click OK 

  16. Click Close to exit the restore function 
  17. You can now use the restored Wage Easy file
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