Export Data To Another Agrimaster File

This function enables you to export data such as transactions and invoices from one Agrimaster file so that they can be imported into another Agrimaster file. 

The procedure set out below describes exporting a data file which can then be imported to another Agrimaster file. Read more on Import Data into another Agrimaster file.

Please note:

  • Only data that is in an open BAS period and open months can be exported using this procedure.
  • The Code lists and bank accounts must be the same in both files.
  • Data will not be reconciled in the receiving file (where they have been imported from) and it will need to be reconciled. 

To Export Data 

  1. Start at the Home Page, click Setup & Tools.
  2. Click Import/Export Data.
  3. Click Export to Agrimaster File.
  4. The Export transactions to another Agrimaster file window opens.
    • Under Export records from: Select Transactions (or any other data type).
    • Display transactions dated from: Select the date range using either:
      • The drop-down box/picklist button.
      • Clicking into the date box and press F4 to display calendar, or
      • Clicking once on the day to highlight, then change. Repeat for the month and/or year and use arrow keys to scroll for selection or simply type the required date.
    • Click Show Selected Records.
    • A list of records is displayed. Select specific transactions by clicking on them or click the Select All button if all records are required.
  5. Click the green tick.
  6. Export To window is displayed.
    • Enter a File Name (leaving the .aft where it is).
    • Click the green tick.  
  7. Click Yes to confirm.

  8. Exported will be saved in an Agrimaster Transfer File (.atf) with the name of the file you specified in Step 6.
  9. To export other data: Repeat from Step 5, selecting either Cheques/EFT/Accounts Payable, Invoices/Accounts Payable or Cash Transfers, until all required transaction data are exported.
  10. Click the black cross to exit Export Transactions to another Agrimaster file window.
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