Restore an Agrimaster File Attached to an Email

Agrimaster makes it painless for you to import a file that has been attached to an email, provided it has been saved in the correct format (.bca). Files from your accountant or adviser can be restored quickly and easily.

Please note: The email service used in the instructions below is Outlook. If you are not using Outlook, the screenshot in Step 2 and the message in Step 3 may be different.

How to restore a file attached to an email

To import a file that has been attached to an email:

  1. Ensure that your Agrimaster program is closed
  2. Double click on the Agrimaster file attached to the email
  3. At the Opening Mail Attachment box, click on Open 
  4. Do you want to allow this app from an unknown publisher to make changes to your PC? message will display. Click Yes to continue
  5. At the Restore Data File (including tax files) box, click on the green tick to accept the restore message 

  6. At the Restore Data File Successful box, click Ok 
  7. At the Start Program box
    • Yes if you would like to start using Agrimaster now
    • Select No if you do not want to start using Agrimaster now. This process ends here. When you next open Agrimaster, the restored file will be listed


  8. The Open Data File box displays. Click Yes 
  9. Agrimaster will open and your file will now be open and ready
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