Employee Record File Locked For Editing Error Message

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One of the main reasons you will need to run the maintenance process on Wage Easy Payroll is if you get a message about an “Employee File Locked.” The main cause of this error is that the Wage Easy Payroll program has been interrupted during the processing of payroll by a power outage or other computer issues. You may also be directed to run the maintenance process by the Agrimaster support team.

To run the maintenance process: 

  1. Open Wage Easy Payroll in the normal manner
  2. Click on File > Maintenance > Database > Maintenance… 
  3. You will be asked to back up your Wage Easy database, click the Yes button  
  4. Back up your file to a location on your computer (Wage Easy Payroll backup folder or the desktop). For this example, we will use the desktop 
  5. Click on the Save button 
  6. Click on the OK button 

  7. Click on the Next button 

  8. Click on the Next button again 

  9. Tick in the Compact Database box, then click on the Next button 
  10. Please wait while Wage Easy performs the maintenance. This may take a while if you have a large Wage Easy Payroll database. Once the database maintenance is completed, click the Finish button 
  11. Now you should be able to use your Wage Easy Payroll program as normal
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