Asset Register Reports

Print an Asset Report

You may need to print a list of your assets for Audit or for your accountant.

To print an Asset Report:

  1. From the Home page, click Assets & Stock 
  2. Click Asset Register 
  3. The Asset Register screen will be displayed. Click the printer button 

  4. The Asset Report Criteria screen will be displayed 

    Select the required criteria:

    • Group By (optional): The report can Group your assets by up to three levels. To group your assets, select the first level in the Group By section 

    • Sort By: By default the report will sort by asset name. To change the sort order, click the dropdown arrow and select the field you want to sort by 

    • Print Option: Portrait will be selected by default. Click Landscape to change
    • Filter Assets by (optional): Click on Filter and then choose the filter you wish to apply
    • Click the green tick  to preview the report
  5. The preview of the report is displayed 

  6. To print the report, click on Print  

Email an Asset Report

Apart from printing the Asset Report, you can also email it.

To email:

  1. At the Asset Register preview window in Step 5, click on 
  2. On the How do I send an email? window, click on Open Folder Now 
  3. Highlight the report that you wish to send > right click on it > ­select Send to Mail Recipient
  4. Your email program will open, enter the address and send the report 

Export an Asset Report to Excel

To export the Asset Report to Excel:

  1. On the Asset Register preview window, click on     
  2. Choose the location on your computer where you would like to save the Excel file > Click Save 
  3. To exit the preview window, click on the black cross 

Save a Report Format

To replicate any report in the future, you will need to save the report as a template. 

  1. Click the Save Report Format button on the Asset Report Criteria window
  2. The Report Format window appears 
    • Enter a name for the report
    • Click the green tick  to save the format
    • You will be returned to the Asset Report Criteria window. Click the black cross  to return to the Asset Register window

Load a Saved Report Format

  1. Click to open the Load Report Format
  2. On the Report Format window, select the saved report you wish to use 
  3. Click the green tick  to preview the saved report format
  4. Click the green tick  on the Asset Report Criteria window to preview the report
  5. Print the report or email it or export it to excel as required
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