Asset Register Reports

You may need to print a list of your assets for audit or for your accountant.

To Print An Asset Report:

  1. From the Home page, click Assets & Stock.
  2. Click Asset Register.
  3. The Asset Register screen will be displayed. Click the printer button.

  4. The Asset Report Criteria screen will be displayed.

  5. Select the required criteria:

    • Group By (optional): The report can group your assets by up to three levels. To group your assets, select the first level in the Group By section.

    • Sort By: By default, the report will sort by asset name. To change the sort order, click the dropdown arrow and select the field you want to sort by.

    • Print Option: Portrait will be selected by default. Click Landscape to change.
    • Filter Assets by (optional): Click on Filter and then choose the filter you wish to apply.
    • Click the green tick to preview the report.
  6. The preview of the report is displayed.

  7. To print the report, click on Print.

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