Depreciate An Asset

This article will outline how to setup depreciation of an asset in Agrimaster.

To Depreciate An Asset

  1. From the Home Page, click Assets & Stock.
  2. Click Asset Register.
  3. The Asset Register screen will open.
    • To add an asset, click on Add New button.
    • Complete the Asset Details window.
    • To edit an asset, click on Edit. The Set Asset Details screen will appear. Edit as required.

  4. Click the Depreciation tab at the top of the Set Asset Details screen to display the depreciation section.
    • Tick the Is the Asset Depreciable? checkbox.
    • Choose either Annual Depreciation Rate % or Annual Depreciation Amount $.
      • Annual Depreciation Rate %:
        1. Enter the required percentage.
        2. Select the method of depreciation either Prime Cost or Diminishing Value.
      • Annual Depreciation Amount $:
        1. Enter the required amount.

  5. Click the green tick to save.
  6. Click the black cross to close the window.
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