Record Liabilities Against an Asset

The Future Liabilities tab in the Set Asset Details window allows you to record a liability against an asset. This is used when you finance the purchase of an asset. 

To record a liability against an asset:

  1. From the Home page, click Assets & Stock 
  2. Click Asset Register 
  3. The Asset Register will open. Select Add New  or Edit 


    • If you are adding an asset, enter all the required information
    • If you are editing, make the required changes 
  4. The Set Asset Details window opens. Click the Future Liabilities tab 

  5. The Future Liabilities tab opens

    • Tick the Does the Asset have an Associated Liability? checkbox
    • Select the Payment Option: Choose Monthly, Quarterly or Annual
    • Select the Payment amount and duration
    • Select the 1st Payment Month
    • Select the Balance Sheet Category (if applicable)
    • Click the green tick  to save
    • Click the black cross  to close the window
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