Import RCTIs (Recipient Created Tax Invoices)

This article will explain how RCTI can be imported into Agrimaster. 

The Import Invoice Facility will allow the import of certain Recipient Created Tax Invoices (RCTIs) directly into Agrimaster from downloadable .csv files. This action will save you time as you will not have to enter your invoice data manually.  

You can import RCTI data from:

  • AWB Ltd.
  • CBH Grain Pty Ltd.
  • Emerald Grain.
  • GrainCorp.
  • Plum Grove.
  • Primaries of WA.
  • Dext Prepare.
  • Standard Wool.
  • Wool Agency.

Before you import your RCTI, you will need to setup the RCTI import for the company you wish to import from. 

To Import RCTIs

  1. Start at the Home page, click on Cashbook.
  2. Click on Transactions.
  3. The Transaction screen will be displayed. Click on Import Invoice.
  4. The Import Invoice screen appears.
    • Select the company you wish to import the RCTI from. In this example, we have selected AWB LTD. This process is the same for all companies listed.
    • Click on Import and Create Transactions.

  5. The Select File window opens.

  6. Select the RCTI invoice file you want to import from the list on the left. In this case, it is AWB Test Import 2012.

  7. Click the green tick. 

  8. At the Import AWB window, click Yes to import the invoice. 
  9. Agrimaster will display a list of transactions and transfers created. Depending on the type of file and the time of year, you may get only transactions or a combination of transactions and transfers. Click Ok.


  10. If using AWB, the below screen appears. Click OK. 
  11. The Edit Cashbook Transaction window opens.
    • Check all splits have a Code. If the Codes are suspense payments or suspense receipts, you will need to choose the appropriate Code. This is because the system will not allow you to close the month. 
    • Suspense payments and suspense receipts are holding Codes only for importation purposes. 
  12. Click the green tick to save each transaction.
  13. For each RCTI you have downloaded, you will need to repeat Steps 4 - 11.

Once imported successfully, we recommend you print off relevant documents from the RCTI Provider’s web site and check figures against invoices imported to ensure all coding and amounts are correct.  

Agrimaster will not take any responsibility for errors for any imported invoices not checked using original paperwork.

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