Import Data From Another Agrimaster File

Before you can import transactions from another file, you must have completed the export process.

Once you have exported data such as transactions, cash transfers, EFTS/Accounts Payable & Invoices from an Agrimaster file you can then import them into another Agrimaster file. 

Importing data from another Agrimaster file can be used in situations where a company is managing the book work from different location on different computers or where transactions have been inadvertently entered into the incorrect file. 

  • Only data that is in an open BAS period and open months can be imported using this procedure
  • The code lists in both files must be the same for this process to work successfully
  • Imported data will not be reconciled 

Before you start 

If the .atf files (contains exported data) are not stored on the same computer as the file you wish to import data into, then save the .atf files into c:\users\public\agimaster\work folder onto the computer that contains the file that will received the imported data. 

To import the data 

  1. Open the file you wish to import the data into
  2. Start at the Home Page, click on Setup & Tools button 
  3. Click on Import Export Data button 
  4. Click Import from Agrimaster File button 
  5. Click on Select the Agrimaster Transaction File (.atf) to import button 
  6. Import From window displays 
    • In Path the Default folder where the file is kept is shown. Select the file you want to import by clicking on it once
    • Select your file name that you saved the transferred records to, in this instance it is called transactions 
    • Click 
  7. At the Import Transactions, click Yes
  8. Click Yes again. You may need to wait a few seconds for Agrimaster to import records 
  9. At the New Batch Number window, select No button 
  10. At the Import Transactions window, click Ok  

  11. All imported data will keep exact details as they are stated in the original file except a new record number will be assigned to the records in this file
  12. Repeat the process for each transaction file containing data you wish to import, starting at Step 5 through to Step 8.
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