Rebuild Your Agrimaster File

This feature allows the program to self-diagnose and resolve many errors and issues that may accumulate over time on your file. 

You should rebuild your file periodically, if not on a monthly basis, at least rebuild prior to submitting your BAS to ensure data integrity. 

When you rebuild your file, you will see: 

  • An Auto-Backup is performed as a safeguard
  • All data including transactions, invoices and worksheets is checked
  • Required repairs are reported for you to fix or correct
  • The file is compacted. 

The feature reports all items requiring your attention plus any that it auto-corrects. A file rebuild will detect most errors. It is extremely important that you address these errors. Errors in a closed period must be fixed via Repair Past. 

To rebuild your file: 

  1.  Start at the Home Page 
  2.  Click File  
  3.  Click Rebuild File  
  4.  Click Data File 
  5. Select the Agrimaster data file you are working on from the list of Agrimaster data files available on your computer 
  6.  Click the green tick or press F10 to select the file. The following screen will then be displayed 
  7.  Click the green tick or press F10 to begin the rebuild of the file and wait while the program works through the items shown
  8. Click Ok when rebuild has completed
  9. If any errors are detected, click Ok to view details
  10. Either Print Error List or Fix Errors to review and repair the errors found 
  11. Run the rebuild file again until no more errors are found.


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