Reactivate Your Agrimaster Program

If your Agrimaster is showing as expired or lapsed and you have paid your legacy plan, you will need to reactivate your software to use the program.

You also need to reactivate your software when you add payroll.

To reactivate your software

  1. Select Reactivate reactivate.jpg
  2. Select Reactivate Automatically (via Internet connection) Expired_reactivate.JPG
  3. If Reactivate Automatically (via Internet connection) is grey out and your internet connection is currently working, please read the following instruction here before proceeding forward.
  4. Click on Reactivate rectivate.jpg
  5. A pop up box will appear. Click on yes to confirm reactivation yes_to_reactivate.png
  6. Check that you receive confirmation that activation has been successful. successful_reactivate.JPG
    NOTE: The expiry date will change to the renewal date. 
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