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  • Setting up Departments
  • How employees are attached to Departments
  • Departmental reporting

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What is a Department? 

Wagemaster uses the terms 'department' and 'sub-department' to refer to units within a company. Common examples are administration, accounts, cropping, sheep, grain etc. 
A department is different from a job in that a job will often involve a selection of people from several departments working on one project. In Wagemaster, each employee is allocated to a (default) department where their wages will be costed to automatically.

Items to consider when setting up Department

  1. How does your company require reports to appear for costing?
  2. If you have branches in each state, separating your departments by state at the highest level may assist in the calculation of payroll tax.
  3. Departments and their sub-departments can branch down six levels
  4. Employees can only be added to the very lowest level of departments
  5. If needed, employees can be linked to multiple departments with different pay rates, within their employee file.

Setup Departments:

  1. Click on the Setup Menu> Departments
  2. Go to Setup > Departments > Add 
  3. Click the General tab

    • Department Name: Enter in the descriptive name for the first department (E.g. Name of Company / Station 1, or Cropping as a department)
    • Sub-Department: Leave blank
    • Manager: As no employees are set up yet, a Manager can be added later
    • GL Account No: Leave blank
    • Click Close
  4. Create Sub Departments by going to Setup> Departments> Add to add a Sub-Department (Child).

  5. Click the General tab.

    • Department Name: Type in the Descriptive name for the Sub Department e.g. Administration, Cropping, Shearing, etc.
    • Sub-Department Of: Click the down arrow, and select the existing Parent Department required. (Double click on the mouse to hold this selection)
    • Manager: If no employees are set up, a Manager can be added later
    • A GL Account No: Leave blank as you have Agrimaster as your accounting system 
    • Click Close

  6. Repeat Step 4 and 5 to setup each department.
  7. If you require a sub-department underneath a sub-department select
    Setup> Departments> Add to add a Sub-Department.

  8. Name the sub-department and select the Sub-Department of field.
    In the below example: Payroll has now been created as a sub department of ADMINISTRATION, which is a Sub Department of NSW. 


    Please Note:

    • The Department Number is only used as an identifier in cases where the Employees hours are being imported from a Time and attendance system.
    • Employees can only be added to Sub Departments.
      Departments (Parent) are used to collect costs for their associated sub-departments (child).
    • It is this bottom tier Cost Centre/Department that needs to be coded with a GL account number for accounting purposes.
    • Wagemaster uses the Departments to collect payroll data as a means of reporting Company Costs.

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