Process ATO Payment Summaries in Wagemaster

At the end of the financial year, before you process your payment summaries, you should: 

  1. Run the Superannuation Report for the whole financial year in Wage Easy Payroll
  2. Reconcile this report with your Agrimaster reportuse the Stacked Report based on your superannuation code(s). A detailed step-by-step guide can be found here
  3. Run the Wages Report for the whole financial year in Wage Easy Payroll
  4. Reconcile the Wages Report with your Agrimaster report – use the Wages and Tax Deduction Report, based on allocations and stacked report (optional) based on code. A detailed step-by-step guide can be found here

How to Process Payment Summaries

It is recommended that you follow this process individually for each employee, rather than select to print the payment summaries for all employees at once. This ensures greater control over what you are doing and reduces processing errors. 

  1. Open Wagemaster (Wage Easy) from the main page of Agrimaster
  2. Click Reports, click ATO Payment Summaries, then click Print Individual ATO Payment Summaries 
  3. The ATO Payment Summary Print Wizard will appear. Click Next then Next again 
  4.  The Financial Year window will appear
    • For the Financial Year Ending field, select the financial year you want to report
    • Type your name in the Signature box
    • The Sign Date field will automatically select today’s date. You may change this if you wish
    • Click Next
  5. In the Default Print Destination field, choose where you would like to print. You can create a PDF or you can email the Payment Summary if you have this set up. Then click Next  
  6. Select the employee to print their payment summary. Click Next  
  7. At the Print Selected ATO Payment Summaries, click Next               
  8. Select your printer and then click OK   
  9. Once you have printed the Payment Summary, click Close 
  10. Click Next  
  11. Click Close 

Saving Payment Summaries file (EMPDUPE File) for lodgement with the ATO

To create and save the EMPDUPE File to your PC:

  1. Click Reports, select ATO Payment Summaries, then select Export File 
  2. The ATO Payment Summary Diskette Wizard will appear. Click Next  
  3. Select the appropriate year, then click Next
  4. You will be asked to select where you would like to save the file
    •  Click on the button with the ellipsis (the three dots  ) to choose a location
      • It is best to initially save it somewhere on your C:Drive (where you can quickly find the file later e.g. Desktop or My Documents) 
      • You will need to upload the file to the ATO via its dedicated Portal
    •  Check that the path specified in the box is correct, then click Finish
  5. The file will automatically be given a name (EMPDUPE.A01). Leave this name as is. Click Save  
  6. Click Close

Submission of ATO Payment Summary

Once you have created the EMPDUPE File with Wage Easy / Wagemaster, logon to the ATO Portal and upload the file.

For instructions on how to submit the EMPDUPE.A01 file, please contact the Australian Taxation Office or your accountant.

If you choose to post the data, you should contact the ATO for the required form(s).

Reprinting an ATO Payment Summary

If you need to reprint the Payment Summary:

  1. Click Employee
  2. Click Edit Employee
  3. Select the employee that requires the reprinted Payment Summary
  4. Select the Payments tab and then ATO Summaries  
  5. Uncheck the Printed box
  6. Print the Payment Summary again by following the instructions as detailed under the heading How to Process Payment Summaries 
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