Create A Cash Trial Balance Report

The Cash Trial Balance Report is used by accountants to get a listing of all the transactions for a period, including the GST. 

A Cash Trial Balance Report can be printed in a variety of formats. When sending data to your accountant, it is sound practice to send a copy of at least the Totals Report and one of the more detailed reports. 

Options include a list of outstanding transactions at the beginning and end of the period. 

Please Note:

The options displayed on the report screen will vary between cash and accruals files.

To Create A Cash Trial Balance Report 

  1. From the Home Page, click Cashbook. 
  2. Click Report.
  3. Click Cashbook Reports. 
  1. Click Accounting Reports.
  1. Click Cash Trial Balance.
  2. Select the options required as listed below as needed and then click the green tick.
  3. The Cash Trial Balance Report will be generated. The report will look different depending on the options you have selected. See the Cash Trial Balance Report Type Options for the different types of Cash Trial Balance Reports that can be generated.


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