Restore a File From Auto Backup

Agrimaster will automatically backup your file to the PC hard drive based on your Agrimaster settings.  The auto backup is meant as a temporary cover until you can perform your own backup to an external thumb drive. 

The auto-backup occurs automatically in the event of change in file size, unexpected file issues or before a Rebuild File. This will vary based on your auto-backup settings.  

If you are running Agrimaster 6.4.2 (File Manager) or higher please LOG OUT of file manager before attempting to use this function

To restore a file from auto-backup

    1.    At the Home Page, click File 
    2.    Click on Backup Restore
    3.    Click on Restore from Other
    4.    Click on Restore from Zip/Hard Drive/ USB
    5. Use the pick list menu to select the C: drive 
    6. The Restore from High Capacity Disk window appears 
      • In the Select file to restore field, select the file you wish to restore by clicking it once. A list of backup dates will appear to the right
      • Select the correct file (based on date) you wish to restore by clicking it once. The information concerning that backup will appear to the right of the window

        Please note: Dates in this column are in the format:  The Last 2 digits of the year, month, day with the final letter to denote which backup they are for that day (the first backup is “a” and so on). In the above screenshot, the selected file Backup was on 24/04/15 and was the first backup made on that day.

        Note:  Ensure that this is the correct file to restore as it will overwrite any existing file 

      • Click   to restore the file 
    7. The Restore File window appears 

      • Click No if you don’t want to restore any more files
      • Click Yes if you do wish to restore another file. Repeat the instructions in Step 6 to restore another file 

If you are running 6.4.2 or higher (File Manager) you should log in after ensuring that the data is ok and then it will be backed up.



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