Reopen A Closed Month

There are times when your monthly reconciliation with your bank accounts suddenly reports an unexplained difference. One option to resolve these sorts of issues is to reopen the closed month.

Please Note: 

You should only reopen a closed month if the month you want to reopen is in an open BAS period. We do not recommend reopening a closed month if the month is a closed BAS period as it will create GST corrections in your current BAS that may be undesirable.

If you need to reopen a month that is in a closed BAS period or if you need to reopen your BAS period, we strongly advise you seek advice from your accountant prior to doing this.

Before Reopening A Closed Month

Alternatively, if you are aware of some incorrect or missing entries that explain the difference for that month, you can use Repair Past to edit or add entries for a closed period. 

This feature takes care of account balances and GST adjustments and maybe a simpler solution than reopening the closed period.

Please Note:

When you reopen a closed month (or months), you will need to re-reconcile and close the month(s) again. However, you will not need to re-enter transactions etc.

How To Reopen A Closed Month

To reopen a closed month requires some specific keyboard strokes and you must be on a specific Agrimaster window.

  1. Starting at Home, click Cashbook.
  2. The below screen will display.
  3. Press and hold Shift/Alt/F12. The Turn Current Month Back window will display. (If this window doesn’t appear, please refer to the troubleshooting section at the end of this help article). 
      • Select the month you require.
      • Click the green tick.

  4. You will be asked to confirm the reopening of the past month. If you are sure you would like to reopen the month, click Yes.


If the Open File window appears instead of Turn Current Month Back window, make sure you are looking at the Cashbook window and if so, try the Alt key on the other side of your keyboard.

If no menu appears, check if there is a function (FN) key on your keyboard and use it 

to the Shift/Alt/F12 key combination.



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