Merge Names

If you have been using Agrimaster for a long time, your Contact Centre may contain names you would like to merge or amalgamate, such as:

  • Names no longer required.
  • Names that have never been used.
  • Names with incorrect spelling.
  • Duplicated names or similar names.

You cannot delete a name that has been used in an entry (i.e an invoice or transaction). You can modify or merge names to first remove any links to an entry and then you can delete the unwanted names. 


Merging Names (using Find Edit)

  1. On the Home Page, click Cashbook.
  2. Click Find Edit.
  3. In the Date Range (First, Last), change the date range in the First box to the first month of the Agrimaster file by scrolling to the top of the box and selecting the blank box, highlighted blue below. In the Last field, select the most current data file date.
  4. Choose the old or defunct name you wish to remove in the Name field. If you have multiple names that need to be merged into one, you will need to do this process one at a time.
  5. Click the green tick or press F10 to start the search.daterange.png
  6. All transactions matching the search parameters will be listed. You can now view or edit the transactions.
  7. Click the Replace button.
  8. On the right-hand side, select the new name you want for these transactions.
  9. Click green tick or press F10 to change all the transactions to the new name.
  10. A warning will appear. Click Yes to continue.
  11. Once the transactions have been successfully changed, they will be removed from the Find Transactions screen.
  12. Once you have emptied the cashbook of transactions using that name, you can delete that name from your names list.
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