Can't Close A BAS Reporting Period

This article is for users who are experiencing issues when closing a BAS period.

Closing a BAS period is generally a straightforward process. However, if you experience any issues, listed below, there are a couple of reasons this may occur.

  1. Months not closed: All months within the BAS period must be reconciled and the months closed, before you can close the BAS period. For help reconciling your months, read Reconcile Accounts.

  2. Date issues: You cannot close a BAS period if the date is still within the current BAS period. The earliest time you can close the BAS period is the first day of the next BAS period.
    For example, if today is 29 June then you cannot close the BAS period ending 30 June until 1st of July.
    • Wait until it is at least the first day of the next BAS period to close your BAS.
    • If you are in the correct month and your computer date is wrong, you will need to fix this in Windows (Change Date/Time Settings).
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