Install & Run the Wage Easy RESC Queries

If you have any employees with RESC (Reportable Employer Superannuation Contributions- salary sacrifice), you will need to download and install the Fix Super RESC Flag 2017 file.

To identify those Employees who may have Salary Sacrificed to Super, or had Additional Employer Contributions that are reportable as RESC we suggest you run the User Defined Report (Reports | User defined | Super by Department with Gross Report). 

After these employees have been identified, go into their employee files and check that “Include on ATO Payment Summary as RESC” has been ticked for those Superannuation Contribution Types (as illustrated below).


Any payments made prior to ticking the box may not appear on the Individual ATO Payment Summaries, EMPDUPE file or the ATO Payment Summary Report (summary report shown on next page). To make sure previously processed payments appears on the ATO Payment Summary, you may need to run a User Defined query called Fix Super RESC flag 2017.

Check if RESC will be shown on Individual ATO Payment Summaries and the EMPDUPE by running the ATO Payment Summary Report (Reports | ATO Payment Summaries | ATO Payment Summary Report) and confirm the totals under RESC are correct.

Locate the Wage Easy Application Folder

Before you download the Fix Super Flag 2016 file, you will need to find out the exact location in the Wage Easy application folder structure to save this file.  To locate this path:

  1. Open the Wagemaster (Wage Easy). From the main page, click on Setup, then Preferences 

  2. Select Configuration 
  3. Select File Locations – under the defined queries section 
  4. The File Locations screen will appear. Note the User Defined Queries section as show below this will display the location where you need to save the query on your computer so that Wage Easy can use it 

Download & Save the Fix Super RESC Flag 2016 Query

  1. To download the query, click here

    The screenshots shown below are for Windows 7 using the Mozilla Firefox Browser

    If you are using a different operating system & browser, they may vary slightly 

  2. Select Save File and click OK
  3. Using windows file explorer, go to the directory shown in the File Location identified in Step 4 above. The example directory where the query needs to be saved in this article is C:/Users/Public/Public Documents/Wage Easy Payroll/Queries. Your path may be different. To find this location:
    • Double-click C:\ 
    • Double click Users 
    • Double click Public 
    • Double click Public Documents 
    • Double click Wage Easy Payroll 
    • Double click Queries 
    • Click Save 

Run the Fix Super RESC Flag 2016 Query

  1. On the Wage Easy Payroll home page, click the HR menu option 
  2. Click User Defined Queries > Fix Super Resc Flag 2017
  3. Click OK 

  4. Then OK again to finish 

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