Setup Alternate Codes

This help article is for users who want a further understanding of Agrimaster's Alternate Coding system. 

Agrimaster allows farmers to setup and customise their cashbook and budgeting code lists to suit their business needs. At times, this may be too much information for their Advisors (Consultants and Accounts) so Agrimaster has an Alternate Codes lists feature. 

For example, you may have 5 different sheep sales codes but your Advisor may only want to see this data under one code, this is where this feature comes in.

Your Accountant or Consultant may want to use the Alternate Codes function in Agrimaster in order to facilitate exporting of your data into their software.  

Your consultant may also use these Codes for exporting data to their internal budgeting software.

Once this feature is setup, it is recommended to review the Alternate Codes annually prior to the end of the financial year in case new codes have been added in the previous 12 months.

Setup Alternate Codes

  1. On the Home Page, click Setup & Tools.
  2. Click Cashbook Setup.
  3. Click Alternate Codes.
  4. The Accountant and Consultant Codes screen will be displayed.
  5. Enter the Acc Export Code and Accountant Code Name into the fields as shown below, as per the advice of your accountant. If you are using a consultant, enter the Budget Export Code fields as shown below, as per the advice of your consultant. 

  6. Once you have completed entering the required Codes, click to close. 
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