Re-Licensing Your File (Wage Easy Database)

If you have recently upgraded your Wage Easy company database, you may be prompted to re-license your file. Below are instructions on how to re-license your file.

  1. Go to File > Company Details
  2. Select Change Company Details
  3. The Welcome to the Wage Easy Payroll HR Licensing Wizard will be displayed. Click Next 
  4. Select Change Licence Details and then click Next
  5. Read the information on this screen. Tick I have read & understand the above information and click Next 
  6. Check that all information is correct. If your Wage Easy client number is not included in the box, you will need to enter it.
  7. Once all the information is completed and correct, tick the box The above Company details are correct and then click Next
  8. At the Active Employees Licensing Details window. DO NOT alter the number of licensed employees even if you have more than the number displayed.
    Ensure it states Licenced for 5 Active Employees

    Should you alter this in any way, it will affect the new licence and we would need to apply to Wage Easy for a fresh licence - additional fees and charges may apply.

    Even if this lists 5 licences, provided you run Agrimaster at the same time and click the Wagemaster button in Agrimaster before using Wage Easy Payroll or you open your Wagemaster file through File Manager, you will be able to access your additional employees (up to 35 active employees).

  9. Tick The above licensing details are correct box then on Next

  10. Because you will need to print the form, uncheck Don't print the Company Registration Form if not already unchecked. Click Next 
  11. Print the registration form as a PDF and email it to us (if you cannot print to PDF, print and scan the Registration Form then email it to us at

Once we have received your Change of Registration Form, we will send it to Wage Easy Licencing.

When your new licence is available, we will send it to you via email and include instructions on how to license your file.

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