Common Costs Worksheets

The common cost worksheet can be used for anything that does not fit into any other worksheet category. Usually non-farm or personal costs including drawings, education, medical and similar costs are entered in this worksheet. 


1.    Item


Type a name to identify this category of cost

2.    Particulars


Optional, type a short description such as a person or event

3.    Total For Year $


Type the total dollar amount including GST and fees

4.    Month F5


Press F5 and choose

·         How often the payments are made during the year

·         The month(s) the payments are paid

·         The Cost Code and Bank Account for the payment


F5 Track Costs by Family Member

Keep track of expenses by family member. For example, identify the boarding school fees for each child. Review the oldest child’s fees to forecast the younger child’s potential fees. 

1.    Click in the Month F5 box after Total For Year $

2.    Press F5 and select the following: 

·         Distribute – select Quarterly

·         First Month – click the first month the payments are made (Agrimaster calculates the remaining 3 months)

·         Select Code – choose the Cost Code

·         Select Bank – choose the Bank Account used to pay for the expenses 

3.      Click on the green tick to OK the selections 

  After all data is entered, click on the green tick to save the Worksheets

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