Term Loans Worksheets

Keep an eye on the time of year that the big payments are due. Monitor the amount of interest accrued on loans throughout the year. 

1.    Purpose


Type a name to describe the term loan

2.    Company


Type the name of the institution giving the loan

3.    Date Started


Type the month and year the loan started

4.    Original Amount $


Type the starting dollar amount of the term loan

5.    Opening Balance $


Type the balance as of the start of this year

6.    New Loan


If this is a new loan this year, type the amount of the loan

7.    Interest Rate %


Type the interest rate (per annum)

8.    Interest This Year


Type the amount interest to be paid this year 

Or, press F3 to open the calculator

Click EX on the calculator to transfer the answer to the box

9.    Month F5


Press F5 to enter the months that the interest is applied by picking 

·         Monthly

·         First month the interest will be applied

·         Agrimaster Cash Book Code
(such as Term Loans Interest)

·         Bank account the interest payments will be
deducted from

Click on the green tick to OK


10.  Term In Years


Type the number of years for the loan as it was identified when it started (for example type 20 for a 20 year loan that started 5 years ago)

11.  Capital Amount Due


Type the dollar amount of the capital payment due this year


12.  Month F5


Press F5 and pick the loan repayment(s) details 

·         Any 1,2,3 or 4 months

·         Month the loan payment is made

·         Agrimaster Cash Book Code for the payment

·         Bank account the interest payments are made from

Click on the green tick to OK


13.  Closing Balance $


Agrimaster calculates the balance of the loan at the end of the year Opening Balance $Capital Amount Due


  After all data is entered, click on the green tick to save the Worksheets

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