Land & Improvements Worksheet

Show your land as an asset. Land owned and used for business and personal will show up as an asset in the Statement of Position. 

This worksheet records the area and capital value of your farming land. Use one line for each property. 

1.    Property Name


Type the name describing the land or location

2.    Particulars


Optional, add notes such as the source of the land

3.    Opening Area Ha


Type the number of hectares as calculated within the geometry of the boundaries of the property

4.    Effective Area Ha


Type the number of hectares to be farmed, used for residence or used for business or personal

5.    Bush Creeks Salt Ha


Agrimaster calculates the remaining land by subtracting Effective Area Ha from Opening Area Ha

6.    Opening Value/ Ha $


Type the opening value per hectare of the land

7.    Total Opening Value


Agrimaster automatically calculates the Total Opening Value by multiplying the Opening Area Ha x Opening Value/Ha $

8.    Closing Area Ha


Type the same number as the Opening Area Ha, unless a portion of the land has been subdivided or sold.

9.    Closing Value/Ha $


Put the same value as the opening value unless you know that the land is appreciating in value in your area

10.  Total Closing Value


Agrimaster calculates the closing value of the land by multiplying the Closing Area Ha x Closing Value/Ha $


   After all data is entered, click on the green tick to save the Worksheets. 


  • If you are expecting to buy land during this period, only enter a closing area and value. If selling land, only enter an opening area and value. 
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