Import Cost Lists

Agrimaster stores cost lists of items and costs for use in multiple worksheets within your budget. Examples of items in the cost list are seed per tonne, ewes per head or the size of your paddock by name.

  1. Go to Budget.
  2.  Click on Full Budget.
  3. Click on Worksheets.
  4. Click on Cost Lists.
  5. If your Cost Lists are empty, the warning window will open. Click Yes.
  6. Click on Import.

  7. At the Import Cost and Paddock List window, click into the long white box. 

  8. Select a file from the list (ending in .agm), such as the Agrimaster Full Demo file.

  9. Select the list(s) you want. To select multiple lists, hold down the Ctrl key and click on the required lists. Selected lists are highlighted in blue. These will be imported.

  10. If you select a cost list with the same name as an existing list, the new list will overwrite the current list.
  11. Click on the green tick and to close. 
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