Grain Stock & Sales Worksheets

Estimate the value of the grains you are keeping in stock, such as wool, grain, feed, seed, chemicals and fertilisers. 

This worksheet is used to record both the opening and closing value of grain or other produce on hand at the beginning of a budget year.  Use this worksheet to budget for the sales of all or some of that produce. You can record up to three sales for a produce type on each line of the worksheet.

Use the Grain Stock & Sales Worksheet to plan for the income from the sale of the grain.


1.    Grain Type


Type the name of the grain, such as Lupins or Wheat 

You can also type the name of other assets, such as wool, seed, chemical or fertiliser

2.    Start Tonnes In Stock


Type the number of tonnes in stock

3.    Sale #1 Tonne, Sale #2 Tonne, Sale #3 Tonne


Type the number of tonnes expected to be sold during the first sale. Up to 3 sales over different months for this grain type can be entered.

4.    Return Per Tonne
(3 occurances)


Type the estimated dollar value per tonne for the sale. Repeat typing the estimated dollar value if other sales are added to this line.

5.    Return $
(3 occurances)


Agrimaster calculates the value of each sale in the line by calculating Sale Tonne x Return Per Tonne

6.    Month F5
(3 occurances)


Press F5 and choose:

·         Any 1,2,3 or 4 months

·         Month of the expect sale of the grain

·         Agrimaster Cash Book code (for tracking income)

·         Bank account the money will be deposited into


Choose No distribution if you are not selling this item and instead using it as feed. The feed will still appear as an asset in the Statement of Position report. 

Click on the green tick to OK the selections  

If you have another sale of grain in this row, repeat the data entry (into Sale # Tonne, Return Per Tonne, and Month). If more than 3 sales happen at different times during the season, enter the additional months of sales on the next blank line. Type the same Grain Type.


Finishing the Grain Stock & Sales Worksheet 

1.    Close Stock Tonne


Agrimaster calculates any remaining stock, if the entire lot of stock has not been sold

2.    Value /T Stock


Type the estimated dollar value (required) of the grain in this row

The number is required to show the grain as an asset in the Statement of Position report

3.    Total Value Open


Agrimaster calculates the total value of the grain stock before sales

4.  Total Value Close


Agrimaster calculates the value of the unsold grain, if any grain is leftover

If you have additional grains in stock, enter each grain on a new row.

  After all data is entered, click on the green tick to save the Worksheets 

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