Set up New Crop Worksheet Group

Before starting the setup of your Crop Worksheet Group, look at your options in the Select Crop Worksheets file. Choose the Crop Worksheet format that best matches your budgeting needs and how you run your business. 

This setup does not cover the optional Grain Income Calculator (GIC) for grain pool loans. This setup will also skip over the Grain Income Worksheet and Income Cash Flow Worksheet, because both of these worksheets require the GIC. These 2 worksheets will be covered with the GIC.

1.     Go to Budget 

2.    Click on Full Budget  

3.    Click on Worksheets 

4.    Click on Standard Setup

5.    Type a Name (recommended, the year for the season and the Enterprise Type)

6.    In Select Enterprise Type, choose CROP

7.    Choose an option from Select Worksheet Group

See the Select Worksheet Group section for definitions on what each choice offers 

For this example, we are going to use All Sales: Mult (GIC)

8.    Chose the first month of your cropping season

9.    In Select Wheat Loan Sets to Include, click on 1 or more crop types

10.   Click on the green tick to save and on to close

11.  Follow the steps in Open Worksheets and Production Worksheets
The Production Worksheet must have complete data before the remaining detailed worksheets can be set up.

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