Non Pool Income Worksheet

The Non Pool Income Worksheet forecasts the private sales of grain. For example, you may plan to sell a portion of your yield to a private mill or to a neighbour. 

The worksheet allows you to track private sales for up to 3 different months for the same crop type. The first 2-columns of this worksheet have had their data transferred from the appropriate section of the production worksheet. 

If you are obligated to contract sales or cash sales, do not use this worksheet. Use the Grain Calculator tool in combination with the Pool Income Worksheet. 

Crop Type


Agrimaster copies the Crop Type (crop names) from the Production Worksheet.

Total Non Pool Tonnes


Agrimaster copies the Non Pool tonnes from the Production Worksheet.

 Sale #1 Tonne
Sale #2 Tonne
Sale #3 Tonne


Type in the number of tonnes to be sold through a private sale.

Return Per Tonne
(up to 3 occurrences)


Type the number of the expected price per tonne to be paid by the private buyer.

Return $
(up to 3 occurances)


Agrimaster will calculate the total sale.

Month F5
(up to 3 occurrences)


Press the F5 key to select the Cashbook Code and Bank Account where the buyer sends the payment.

  1. In Distribute, choose the frequency (any 1, 2, 3 or 4 months recommended). 
  2. In First Month, choose the month the advance will be sent to your business.

  3. In Select Code, choose your Agrimaster Cashbook Code and the Bank Account where the advance will be deposited.

  4. Click on the green tick to ok. 

Unsold Carry Over Grain

The Carry Over column ensures you are not overselling your expected yield or help you decide what the value of the unsold surplus grain. 


Carry Over


Agrimaster calculates the amount of grain left over after the private sales to Non Pool buyers.

A positive number means that the grain is an unsold surplus.

A negative number may mean the number of tonnes for the private sales was not accounted for on the main Production Worksheet, or not enough grain will be yielded to fulfil the sales.

Value/Tonne Carry Over


Type the dollar value per tonne of the unsold surplus grain if the Carry Over is a positive number.

Total $ Carry Over


Agrimaster calculates the total dollar amount of the unsold grain. Agrimaster multiplies the Carry Over by the Value/Tonne Carry Over.

 Click the green tick to save the worksheets.

Fixing a Negative Carry Over 

If you know you have the private sale of grain to a Non Pool buyer but didn’t enter the tonnes in the main Crop Production Worksheet, you will see a negative number in the Carry Over. 

  1. Click on the Production Worksheet.

  2. If there is enough grain to cover the Non Pool Sales:
    •  In Non Pool, type the positive number that matches the negative Carry Over amount.
    • Reduce one of the other Crop income numbers by the amount you are placing in the Non Pool column.
  3. In this example, the Pools non loan was reduced from 300 tonnes to 280 tonnes to allow for the 20 tonnes of Non Pool sales. After the negative Carry Over is corrected, the Non Pool Income Carry Over columns will be blank. 
  4. Click on the green tick to save the Worksheets.


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