Stocking Rate Worksheets

This worksheet is optional and will calculate your DSE (Dry Sheep Equivalent) per Ha (also known as LSU - Livestock Units). This gives you the ability to calculate your effective stocking rate and enables you to benchmark your farm’s performance against past years as well as industry best practice. Winter Numbers have been transferred from the Stock Reconciliation Worksheet. 

Refer to the previous years’ Stocking Rate Worksheets to identify your farm’s benchmark and measure your farm’s continuing performance. 

  1. Click in column one of the DSE / HD cell and enter data. Press enter or use the arrow down key to enter data in the next stock class field.
  2. Type the number for the amount of feed that type of stock needs. The DSE or livestock units may be provided by your state agricultural authority or private livestock association. 
  3. Click the green tick to save the data in Stocking Rate Worksheet.
  4. The DSE per Ha is indicated in the column total (i.e. 18.31). 
  5. Enter the remaining data into the worksheet.
  6. After all the data has been entered, click on the green tick to save the worksheets. 


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