Budget Reports & What the Bank Wants

 Agrimaster Full Budget and Cash Book can be used to monitor the success of the business. The Full Budget is used to plan for the ideal scenario. Use the Full Budget to avoid overspending and be prepared for seasonal surges of activity. 

Combine the Full Budget with actual data from the Agrimaster Cash Book. Review the actual income and spend at the end of each month after reconciling the bank accounts. Make real-time decisions that improve the profitability of the business. 

The reports and options you need may vary slightly from the examples here. These examples are based on a simplified, typical activity a business might see in a season.

Enterprise Stock – Sheep

The Enterprise Stock report may be used to answer

  • What does our business expect to make on the sale of sheep stock?
  • How many sheep will the business have at the end of the season? 

Enterprise Cropping – Input Schedule Report

The Enterprise Cropping Input Schedule may be used to answer

  • Which seed does our business need to order
  • How much do we expect to spend on fertiliser and crop this season? 

Enterprise Cropping – Crop Type Report

The Enterprise Cropping, Crop Type Report may be used to answer:

  • How much profit will each type of grain bring into the business?
  • Should I change which types of grains the business is growing this season? 

Assets & Liabilities Worksheet Report

The details from any Worksheet can be printed. The details from the Assets & Liabilities may be especially useful when discussing business changes or the sale of part of the business with a consultant or accountant. 

  • How much does the business still have to pay for chattel loans on equipment?
  • How much is the paddock worth?


Full Budget – Cash Flow

The Full Budget Cash Flow may be used to prepare: 

  • Which months will the business have large expenses and low income?
  • When and how much do we expect to receive prior to the harvest? 

Statement of Position

The Statement of Position report is used to show our equity at the start of your year and the estimated financial position of your business at the end of the year. 

  • Is your business in a realistic position to be profitable?
  • How profitable do you expect to be this year?
  • How do the loans compare to the assets and forecasted income in your business? 

Cashflow Forecast Report

The Cashflow Forecast Report can be used to measure how accurate your budget is in comparison to your actual spend and income. 

  • Where were your financial expectations extremely different from your actual    activity?
  • What types of contingencies can you plan for in future years? 

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