Introducing m:drive

These instructions are only valid for Agrimaster versions up to and including 6.3.54

What is m:drive?

M:drive is a backup, restore and sharing service for Agrimaster files.

Why use m:drive?

  • All businesses should have a safe and secure way to back up their data
  • To backup on a secure offsite server, protected by your individual login and password is smart, quick and sensible
  • By using m:drive, you can securely share your data and give access to your business partners, accountant or consultant – no need for email or removable media. If you need to move your file from one computer to another, m:drive can do it for you.
  • M:drive allows you to import data straight into Reep to have an accurate and an immediate view of your business’ financial health, understand where your business is standing and plan for your future success within Reep 

m:drive Plans

M:drive Standard is included in your current Agrimaster subscription, allowing you to back up, restore and share up to 5 files.

To find out how to use m:drive, check out our how-to videos on our website.

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