Grain Income Calculator Overview

Agrimaster Grain Income Calculator (GIC) organises and calculates the complex financial details of a grain pool, grain loan or harvest income across 1 or more fiscal years. 

The GIC is optional. The data and calculated amounts from the GIC will be displayed inside the Cropping Worksheet to help you make decisions on how much and which types of grain to grow. 

If the GIC is used, the Loan Accounts must be setup in the Agrimaster Cash Book prior to starting a new GIC. Choose to enter grain data into the Cropping Production Worksheet before or after running the GIC.

Crop Worksheet Group


Use the GIC to track: 

  • Timing of the income, especially when the income is received across 2 budget years or paid on a delayed date after harvest
  • Freight and storage costs, both billable and non-billable costs
  • Levies and GST
  • The accounts credited or debited during the cropping season(s)

Opt to Complete Cropping Production Worksheet First 

If you choose to complete the Cropping Production Worksheet before the GIC, enter the tonnes of grain you expect to harvest for the loan into the Grain Loan Option column. Upon saving the Cropping Worksheet Group or moving to another Worksheet in the set, the Grain Income Calculator will be offered to you. 

If you are using a loan or separate account for your pool, these accounts must be setup in your Agrimaster Cash Book prior to starting the Grain Income Calculator. 

  • Answer Yes if you are using the GIC with No Loan
  • Answer Yes if you are using the GIC and your Loan accounts are setup in the Cash Book
  • Answer No if you need to setup the Loan accounts in your Cash Book 

The Grain Income Calculator window opens – see the help files for 1 of the 3 common types of GIC Worksheets you would use 

Opt to Complete the GIC Before Entering Cropping Worksheet Data 

A second option is to create a new GIC prior to setting up the Enterprise Cropping Worksheet Group. Some businesses prefer to set up the GIC before entering the Cropping Worksheet data when:

  • The financial activity bridges across multiple budget years
  • There are multiple grain qualities or types and active loans
  • There are active pools or additional harvest loan distributions are yet to be paid 

1.     Click on Home

2.     Click on Budget

3.     Click on Full Budget

4.     Click on Worksheets

5.      Click on Grain Income Calculator


Create a New Grain Income Calculator 

Agrimaster Grain Income Calculator (GIC) is an optional worksheet for organizing the complex details of your loans, loan distributions and harvest. Create 1 new grain income calculator for each loan or each type of grain in a pool or harvest income distribution. Separate instructions are provided for each of 3 common types of GIC Worksheets. 

1.    Wheat Pool – Distributions No Loan


Plan for the distributions from your wheat pool and use a forecast for the grades of grain you expect to harvest

2.    Other pool with Harvest Advance


Detail the harvest advance and expected harvest activity for other grains, such as Barley

3.    Other (cash, contracts, etc.)


Know the value of the equity you have in your grain and track the equity before harvest and during transport and storage

Tonnes of grain in the GIC must match the tonnes of grain in the Cropping Production Worksheet

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